Senin, 29 Desember 2014

The Healthy Habits Popular in 2014

If it is sick you need a lot of time and money to make you healthy again. Therefore it is important to maintain a healthy body by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

There are many ways to implement healthy habits, in 2014 there are some specific trends of healthy living.

Taken from a variety of sources, here I show some healthy habits that are popular in 2014:

• Infused Water
Water is soaked with a piece of fruit or herbs to 'inject' the juices of fruits and herbs are added to the water.
Infused Water is claimed to prevent headaches, soothing mood, boost brain power and lose weight.

• Extract rind
Mangosteen peel extract is a popular advertisement in 2014, the product of similar products are emerging with material from other fruits.
Mangosteen peel extract supplement that was the star because there is a high content of its xanthones.

• Vegetable Juice
The juice is usually made of fruit, but as time goes by now people are also many who mix it with a variety of raw vegetables.

• Diet nuts
For those who implement healthy habits, one of the food that gets the spotlight is nuts, because of the high content of flavonoids in peanut good for digestive health, they usually consumed in the form of milk, mixed with juice or even eat directly.

• Cycling
Now more and more users of bicycles for transportation, because cycling is good for your health, and be able to increase the feeling of happiness.

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