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How to Correct Driving When Rainy Season

The rainy season starts to come and haunt the users of the highway, going to his rider also must compensate by driving behavior, wet asphalt conditions, low visibility, motorists should be alert to it all the more cautious.

This time I will give you some tips on safe driving at the time of the rainy season like this.

Here are his tips for you:

1. Driving carefully and as much as possible to avoid sudden braking and sudden steering distorting because it could destabilize the grip of the vehicle, plus the speed smoothly and brakes before entering a bend.

2. Choose the path as much as possible to avoid a puddle of water, usually belt of central and water tends to gather at the edge of the road. But do not let you inhibit other riders go faster.

3. Keep a safe distance to the vehicle in front to avoid splashing that will make a dirty glass.

4. As much as possible avoid using cruise control or speed controller when you are on wet roads, this technology can speed up or slow down the vehicle to remain in a specified speed, ignition system will detect the slowdown and will try to speed up again. It is feared that the driver will lose complete control of the vehicle.

5. Turn on the headlights during the wet streets to help eyesight when the already low light and foggy, use fog lights if necessary, try not to use hazard lights unless the car into a barrier to avoid another rider.

It was a few tips that can help you drive during the rainy season.

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