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Goa-Goa Amazing in Indonesia

Goa is one of God's creation are very intriguing, many types and names throughout the world caves were amazing, in Indonesia has many beautiful caves, this time I will write some of the most beautiful cave in Indonesia.

1. Goa Gong
Goa is very famous in the ears of Indonesian society, this cave has stalactites and stalakmid famous and astounding beauty. This cave is located in Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia.
Many foreign and local tourists who visit it every day of his cave, especially if on the day off.

2. Goa Jatijajar
Located in the district Gombong kebumen close to the city, Central Java. Goa has a legend that Raden legend Kamandaka or Legend Kasarung, the length of the cave is 250 meters.

3. Goa Ngalau Beautiful
This cave is located in the province of West Sumatra Payakumbuh city.

4. Goa Maharani Palace
Goa is strategically located and attractive because it is located near the beach approximately 500 m and is located on the edge of the road Gresik Tuban precisely in the district Paciran Lamongan. One of the natural wonders of the cave that holds the palace empress more specific natural beauty and unique above the average of other tourist cave. In fact, according to prof Dr. KRT.Khoo international experts from foundations speleology perguaan Indonesia in Bogor consider that stalactites and stalagmites in the cave palace of Empress still live by the beauty of this cave can be equated with the caves of Altamira in Spain. Mamonth and Carlsbad cave in. The cave that holds a million beauty of this is dikedalaman 25 m from ground level with 2500 m2 cave cavity.

5. Goa Lawa Purbalingga
GOA Lawa is a natural cave located below ground level on the slopes of Mount Slamet formed from lava flows frozen. located in the village Siwarak District of Karangreja.
Goa Lawa in length with an area of 1.5 KM 5 KM is a cave formed from limestone deposits da frozen lava flows below the ground surface.

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