Minggu, 28 Desember 2014

How to Deal With Drunk Girls in Firefox

Approximately 2 weeks malware or malicious program "Drunk Girl" attack on Facebook. Until now, even this is not yet showing signs of malware will stop attacking.

According Vaksincom Facebook security team could not do anything because the malware does not exploit the application within Facebook. Malware that spread themselves through the existing extension in perambaan.

In the first week of the attack "Drunk Girls", the cyber criminals make their own special extension for Google Chrome with the name Top News.

Once caught they start attacking mozilla firefox.

If the user clicks on the link trap this drunk girl, then he will be redirected phishing sites similar to YouTube, which is addressed in beritavideo.info/gadis.

If the victim clicks the plugin, then he will get a warning from Firefox that beritavidio.info will install the software on the computer.

If the warning is ignored, automatically installs firefox extension called Full Screen 4.0.
For mozilla firefox users, Vaksincom advised to perform these steps if already become a victim:

- First open your mozilla firefox
- Then type about: addons in the box go to the website, then enter and will open a page extension.
- Then look for the extension of full screen 4.0 and click the remove.
- There will be a full confirmation screen has been removed, and then restart your firefox.
- To avoid things that are not desirable, immediately change your facebook password.

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